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                                                   Newsletter -  December 2012

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Greetings from all of us at The Integral Heart Foundation in Guatemala. 2012 was a tremendous year of
growth. We are most grateful to you all! Here are some highlights of what has been going on and we
are looking forward to an even brighter 2013.  Debora, Mick, Liz, Reinhard, and all the team at IHF.
The Art of Stillness

On December 8th, 2012, Jeff Carreira, Director of Education
at EnlightenNext, was here in Guatemala to participate
with Mick, Debora and a group of Integral Education Program
teens in a Meditation Marathon.

Jeff, Mick and Debora did 24 hour of meditation raising $11,277
for the Integral Heart Foundation. It was a truly wonderful day
with 16 of our Critical-Thinking/philosophy program students
and 4 adults sitting with us throughout the day!

Click here to read some responses to this day from our students
and team members. Click image to the left to see more photos.

Chickens & Toys

Here in Guatemala the Integral Heart Foundation keeps working
to bring smiles and joy for this Christmas season to our sponsor
children, their siblings and parents. We truly want to appreciate
and be deeply grateful to all of our donors who continue to make
these events possible. Deep Gassho to all of you, and Happy
Holidays :-)

This year we made a happy day possible for over 400 children
and adults in 6 communities along with the help of The American
International School
and Amigos del Mundo.

See more photos

Sponsoring Potential
Kevin is 3 years old and he has been attending our kindergarten
since July of this year. As you can see from the photo he is quite
the character!!! He is an only child. His parents work all week
for the minimum salary which is about $200 per month. They live
in a small, two roomed home with the grandmother who is now
in need of constant medication. He loves coming to the kinder
and is our soul!!!

We would like to find him a sponsor so that he can continue his
time with us at the Kindergarten. Kevin is one of 15 children we
want to find sponsors for by the end of his year.  

Article & Audio on our work
EnlightenNext Germany: Read an interview published in the 
magazine EnlightenNext Impulse dedicated to evolutionary
spirituality and philosophy. Our special thanks to the great efforts
of Mike
Kauschke and Renate Keller for making this article possible. 

In German here (web link)
In original English here (PDF)

Audio with Vanessa Fisher: And also in November of this year
Mick and Debora were interviewed by Vanessa Fisher on the
basis and progress of the work in Guatemala: click here to listen.

Fundraising Trip February- LAX & SFO
You can learn more about our work, see photos, meet the
founders and some amazing like-minded folks!

Mick and Debora will be doing two  in-person events
on the West Coast early next year!! Stay tuned for details....

Sunday, February 17th, 2013 - Los Angeles.
Tuesday, February 19th, 2013 - BAI San Franscisco

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Thank you for investing in our programs!!!

Aaron S, Adam R, Ambika T, Ana Isabel, Anna L, Allison M, Ann G, AndreN, Armin,
Anaite A, Annette G, Arni V, Beth T, Bart O, Barbara S, Brad & Patty, Brenda I,
Christine B, Chis C, Christian, Claudia A, Daniele W, Danielle and Family, Dan &
Kamie, Dennis S, Dianne, David R, Eva & Matt, Edwin B, Elisa, Ellen and Ryan S,
Eva V, Kyozen Sensei, Elaine, Franz, George, Gregor, Gina, H.B., Stacy M,
Haggart Family, Helena & Integral Edinburgh, Holly & Grace, Irene B, Ingrid M,
Iris F, Jeff C, Jim & Cindy, Jacky, Joseph & Andrea S, Jennifer C, Jenny, Tyler and
Friends, Jordan H, Joyce C, Jessica, Joanna & Canberra Integral, Jade G, Jon &
Nicole, Kamala, Kenneth, Kay, Kate F & Jim, Kevin & Sam, Kristina B, Jennifer,
Jethro & Sima, Jose Javier A, Jeff & Mariana, JC, Judy & Dannica, Jyoti S, Kristina,
Kelly & Bob, Keith & Karen, Lee W, Leap Foundation, Lida O, Linda S, Lisa T, Laurel
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Stephanie Y, Stephanie H & James, Sima S, Silvia R, Seamus & Addy, Sulamita
M, Tanya H, Vegar & Christy, Ted & Boston Integral, Victoria S, Yvonne K, Yee H.

We are most grateful!!

Debora, Mick, Liz, Reinhard, Marisol & Lizeth.

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