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                                                        Newsletter - April 2012

Increase in support
over same period in 2011

monthly supporters
of our programs
Teens in Integral
Philosophy classes
Portable solar units
in homes

Greetings from the Integral Heart Team; Debora, Mick, Liz, Reinhard, Marisol, Dianne and Glorita.
2012 is off to a great start with over a 50% increase in the number of supporters from the same period
last year for which we are most grateful!

Our Impact in 2011:  With US $45,000 we have provided:
Weekly Integral Philosophy classes in 2 locations to 52 teens

56 children with sponsorships to continue in high school

7 teenagers with scholarships to 3rd-level education

One kindergarten for 10 tots with meals, baths and clean clothes

Emotional/psychological support to 50-100 teens using Big Mind

21 portable solar units to families who were living by candlelight

54 families - 190 individuals with toys and food for the holidays

200 food baskets to families in 3 towns

500 meals in the aftermath of severe storm

4 Wisdom Speaker Events to over 200 children and adults

Empowerment talks to over 1200 children and teenagers

Employment to 2 staff members and 1 teacher
The Story of Alex


Alex was unable to
walk, talk or hold
his head up when
we first visited his
home. After three
months in our first
kindergarten he
is sitting by himself,
walking and we expect
his first words
any day now!

Read the rest of
the Story of Alex

Building a Brighter Future!
In April 2012 will be helping us reach
our goal of 50 supporters so that we can open a new
Kindergarten Project in Guatemala. 

GlobalGiving is a charity fundraising web site, who along
with their corporate backers such as Dell, Google and
Nike has raised over $62 million for non-profit projects.

Be 1 of the first 50! - See how

Empowering Women in Guatemala

Blanca Lysmenia Flores (Lys) is the director of the project
Semilla de Esperanza y Amor (Seed of Hope and Love)
located in San Mateo Milpas Altas, Guatemala. She is a
strong and compassionate leader in a world here that is
dominated by men. Her background is in education,
yet she never thought about being the principal of her
own non-profit.

When we first met Lys in 2010, we were volunteering
for another local non-profit, CasaSito. They asked us to offer
Lys some business training and coaching. The idea was to
help her grow from a little project with just one classroom
and a small office, into a much bigger and brand new
location...  Read the rest of the story of Lys here

Solar School with thanks to A Better World

he partnership between Integral Heart and A Better World
was a phenomenal success, raising the funds to light two
school in Guatemala with solar power!

photos of the first install here.

Our deepest thanks to MarySue and Greg Hansell and all
the team over at A Better World and 
Read the rest of our thank you letter here

25 New Integral Students
A new year of philosophy classes has begun.
We have 36 teenagers in two locations who
will be with us for the next two years!

We first started the year with a pre-test to gauge
the psychological/emotional states of our students
and now we are focusing the basics of critical
thinking, such as the origin of self and effects of
cultural conditioning on individual choice. The
kids are simply loving it. To read more about
the Integral Education program click here.

See more photos and read
the profiles of our newest teenagers here.

Worthy mentions of our work
February 2012:  Our work mentioned in this
article on a more socially and politically
engaged integral way of being-in-the-world.
By Marco Morelli and Terry Patten. Click to read.
March 2012:  The Big Mind Process combines the wisdom
of Zen with the western practice of Voice Dialogue. Read
about our work on The Big Mind website. Click to read.

Fundraising Trip - NYC & Boston
Come learn about our work!

There will be 3 public events this May in Boston and New York

May 2 - Boston Integral, Newtown Center.
May 4 - Public Library, Lenox Ma.
May 7 - Integral New York, Manhattan.

To see details of these events, please click here

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Thank you for investing in our programs

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