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Greetings from Guatemala, Luke Armstrong and all of us at the Integral Heart Foundation. The Third World Savings
plan will encourage indigenous family leaders to open a savings account and to develop personal finance skills.
This project is being coordinated by Reinhard Prosch who is the Business Operations Manager at the Integral
Heart Foundation. Read a one-page summary of this project below.

Update: January 2013: The first Third World Savings Project is now complete. Here is a summary
of the outcome of this pilot program:

  • We had ten members altogether when we first started out, by the time of last final class six of them
    remained to check back with their deposit receipts.
  • 4 out of ten have made all required deposits (total number here is 1 initial deposit to open the account,
    plus 6 savings deposit = 7 total deposits), and have thus received their Q300 bonus already (MTV; JC;
    RM; MAG; MH)
  • Another four have made at least 5 deposits (JMR; PG; AMS; LPN)
  • Only two have not made another deposit after opening the account 
    (EG; ALP)

Weighing this against our initial assumption ("50% of participating families making savings deposits at least
twice a month"), I conclude that we almost lived up to what was "an ambitious goal" and so dare to call this
trial run pretty successful. Some things to consider:

  • how to respond to those participants who have made a good amount of deposits? 
    should we do a revaluation? 
  • how to improve participant commitment & consistency, engagement in the project?
  • Pick start date for next project. Include those who did not succeed?

    Thank you, Reinhard Prosch.

To give your support to a family who is participating in The Third World Savings plan, please 

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2.After we receive your offer of support we will contact you by email to confirm.

3.As the project progresses we will email reports of the trainings and outcomes.

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