"The Integral Heart Foundation is doing incredibly important work, and,
just as significant, is doing so by using (and teaching) Integral Theory.

This insures a truly inclusive and comprehensive approach, something
so important (and rare) in today’s fractured world.

I send them my very best regards, and highly recommend you check
them out."

Ken Wilber, The Integral Vision
Ken Wilber is an American author who has written 25 books about mysticism,
philosophy, ecology, and developmental psychology. His work formulates what
he calls Integral Theory. In 1998, he founded the Integral Institute, for teaching
and applications of Integral theory.

Video endorsements for The Integral Heart Foundation:
  Juan Carlos Subias
Broadway and West-End show producer,
and airline pilot trainer speaks of the
profound changes in this life and his
long-term relationship with the work
of Mick and Debora, the co-founders
of The Integral Heart Foundation.


  Andre Norman
Motivational speaker and President of  the 
National Gang Council, speaks about his
experience with Debora, Mick and The 
Integral Heart Foundation
during his visit to 
Guatemala as part of our Wisdom Speaker Series.


Terry Patten
It looks like you and Mick are doing a lot of good there, and making good of our shared
name "Integral Heart". And I am sure you are both learning a lot and growing and being
deepened and changed by this rich phase of your lives.

Stephanie Leombruno
I have learned about an endless number of social programs and NGOs and nonprofit organizations but
never have I believed in one and truly felt they were capable of creating real and lasting change like I
have felt for Integral Heart.

Elisa Mishory
Good luck with it all, and bless the three of you for taking on as much as you do there. 
I’m very grateful!

Vedran Peric
I'm glad I can help, at least a little bit. You guys are doing an amazing work!

Lynda St. Dennis

I have admired your work for some time now and am so grateful for the opportunity to support a child and
a family. I was in Guatemala once for a day as part of a cruise. I gave a girl there some shoes I brought that
didn't fit me right, and was really taken back at how much the shoes meant to her. They meant nothing to
me, and she was practically stunned with her good fortune. Thank you for creating these easy opportunities
to give. Your work is inspiring!

Ida Jaarvik Hetland
Good luck and keep up the amazing work you are doing!! By the way, when I tell people about you they
ask if you can come and teach philosophy to Norwegian kids as well ;)) hehe!
Tell your lovely wife I say hi ;) Saludos de Suissa.

Tono Aguilar
Check out Mick's awesome work at The Integral Heart Foundation and buy his insight and inspiring book,
The Uncommon Path, on

Pam Fitches
Wow! Wow! Wow! Mick and Debora - I just watched the film and I am amazed at the courage and vision
you all show. Congratulations on your progress. My heart is humbled and inspired at your willingness to
contribute to the evolution of consciousness right there in Guatemala.

Danielle Underwood
Debora & Mick: Thank you for your dedication to others. Your work is appreciated. Much love.

Jessica Roemischer
Inspired by our conversation and your kids there. Thanks for the amazing synergy of our work.

A Celebration of Spirit: Fellow Evolutionary Mick Quinn and his wife Debora Prieto co-founded this important
project that is doing remarkable work in Guatemala. As well as actually helping to improve peoples lives in
the most hands on and practical way Mick is also providing an education in new ways of thinking about human
development. Mick has been very involved in the work of EnlightenNext and Integral theory as well as Spiral
Dynamics and not only is he putting these philosophies to work in what he does, he is also bringing these new
ideas into the culture in Guatemala.

Kevin Leipheimer
I'd love to reconnect and jump into developing new and exciting projects here. Just checking out IHF now.
I think you're doing really great work in Guatemala! Many thanks and much love for it.

Ted Saad
Hi Debora,  So nice to hear from you!  You are very welcome, and I do hope this can blossom with other integral communities!  I appreciate the work you and Mick are doing, and am happy to be part of it in my small way.
I hope we can meet in person at some point in the future.  Give Mick my love.
Much love to you.

Ben Williams
It looks as though you are involved in some meaningful work, on many levels, thanks for sharing. If you are
ever back in Boston we should have tea. Great to connect!

What you and Mick are doing is a perfect example for what the Integral community itself now needs to
accept, embrace, and enact: taking these celestial ideas and venturing into the flames of samsara,
getting one's hands dirty, embracing the suffering and actually connecting with people who experience
it far more than we can even imagine - as opposed to just sitting back and theorizing about AQAL
(an error I myself committed and just recently realized...).

Caryn Silberberg
You and Mick are doing such great work!

Christian Schmid
It is awesome what you and your Debora have built up there in Guatemala. I just watched the video concerning
the solar panels and it really touched me, seeing Angelita, one of my sweethearts, happy with her lamp.
Your website is wonderful. All the profiles of the students and with the opportunity to sponsor. Well done!

Barbara Nussbaum
Know that you are inspiring me and I am sharing your fine work with others.

Kimberly Hunn
Thank you so very much for sending me regular updates on your travels and development!  You are truly
an inspiring couple and I am just delighted to hear about all the wonderful ways you are integrating the
heart with the world.

Deborah Ritchie
Hi Debora, WOW! You have taken off like a shooting star.... You are really inspiring, even my seven year
old Sophia is amazed at your path...I hope that I have the courage to do the same... Keep up the good
work. Much love and Respect for you and your uncommon path.. Let’s make it common...

Michael Paone
Just wanted to you to know that the Integral Heart Foundation looks really inspiring. I love the idea of Integral
being used to inform social justice, education, and economic development work where it's needed most.
Keep it up! Hope I can do something similar one day.

For more information email: info at integralheartfoundation.org

And, if you'd like to support our programs, please!

Thank you,

Mick and Debora.

Stats. on Guatemala:
43% of children under five are chronically malnourished, one of the highest malnutrition rates in the world. 
More than half of the population is below the national poverty line and 15% lives in extreme poverty. 

Poverty among indigenous groups, which make up 38% of the population, 
averages 76% and extreme poverty rises to 28%.

About Guatemala:
Guatemala is a republic. It is 108,890 square kilometers (42,042 square miles), that’s about the size of Virginia, 
half the size of the UK and a little bigger than Ireland. Guatemala is the next country south of Mexico and with 
a population of 14 million people, it is the second most densely populated country in Central America.

Visit CIA factbook website about Guatemala