5 Questions - One Day - Deep Immersion
A Day Seminar on Morals, Ethics, Spirit & Changing the World

Public event with our Philosophy Teenagers
Antigua Guatemala
Wednesday, December 4, 2013
In English with Spanish Translation

We are thrilled to announce that author and teacher,
Amy Edelstein, will be joining us live this year in
Guatemala for our Meditate-to-Educate fundraiser.

As part of her trip to visit us, Amy will be holding a
one-day public seminar. Please join us, details below.

Seminar Description:
As we grow and mature, our questions get bigger and bigger in scope. And the answers become more and
more important to us. 

During this full day seminar, we’re going to delve deeply into five questions. Discovering a way to think about these questions—and their answers—can help guide our lives. And change the world.

This December, we’re going to learn why . . . and how.

In this seminar, we’ll look at the major areas of life and what guides our decision making. We’ll look at the principles that shape our ethical framework, the values we hold dear, and the goals that guide our choices. We’ll look at the role that an evolutionary worldview plays in shaping our value set and moral code.

As part and parcel of our inquiry, we’ll explore how meditation helps us see what underlies our decisions more clearly. We’ll learn how letting everything be in meditation helps us become more responsible, happy, and creative in the important areas of our lives.

5 Questions. One Day. Deep Immersion:
1. Who are the future leaders of a country, a village, or a community
of family and friends?

2. What makes us fulfilled in ourselves, in our lives, and with our greater purpose?

3. How do we develop ourselves, adapt to changes, and grow?

4. When will we be ready to hold our own?

5. Where do we find a trustworthy source of joy, happiness, and Love?

To attend this event
This event will be held near Central Park, Antigua Guatemala on Wednesday December 4, 2013
Starts at 9am, with a break for lunch, and ending at 5pm
Cost of this seminar is Q500 ($65)

Please call 5065 0568 to reserve your place or email mick @ celf.org

About Amy:  Amy Edelstein, cofounder of Emergence Education is a public speaker, educator and writer, committed to individual transformation and the evolution of our shared values.  Amy applies her three decades of transformative practice to teaching perspectives that support the emergence of our higher human potentials, evolving the values of the culture we share.

A Cornell University College Scholar, Amy has a background in Judaic philosophy, as well as Hindu and Buddhist thought. She studied with several preeminent Hindu and Buddhist teachers in the early 1980s in Asia then met Andrew Cohen in 1986.

A passionate researcher and cultural commentator, Amy is currently working on a project for University students, our next generation of leaders, about ethics, values, meaning, and purpose.  The focus of Amy’s work also includes innovative curricula exploring how evolutionary values can provide a deep, intimate, and stabilizing context for relationships. As a new resident of a city filled with many creative and future-oriented projects, she is now contributing to several dynamic urban social activist efforts addressing health services for the uninsured, greening urban landscapes, and empowering girls through music-making.

Amy lives in Philadelphia, PA with her husband Jeff Carreira where they enjoy taking long early morning walks through the historic streets where the drafters of the American Constitution used to stroll. In their spirit, Amy and Jeff continue to discuss and debate philosophy, freedom, and the structures of culture that support our higher human development.

For more, please see; http://amyedelstein.com/

Amy Edelstein will be also be participating in this event with us on Dec 7th, 2013

  Meditate to Educate < Join us


THE GOAL: To raise $75,000 during a 12-hour mediation event to be held worldwide on
Saturday, December 7th, 2013 from 8am EST to 8pm to raise funds for our work.

Last year board member Jeff Carreira joined us in person to meditate with our philosophy teenagers. You can read  his letter of recommendation for our
event this year below.

This year, Jeff's wife, Amy Edelstein will be joining
us live in Guatemala and we have 26 teenagers
from our Critical- Thinking / Philosophy program
joining us for the meditation sessions throughout
the day.

Join us in support of this event: Meditate-To-Educate

We will have audios from Ken Wilber, Dianne
Hamiltion, Amy Edelstein, and live Q&A
with Jeff Carreira.

Join us in support of this event;  Meditate-To-Educate; Saturday December 7, 2013

Jeff's letter

Dear Friend of Integral Heart,

I am honored to be writing this letter of introduction to The Integral Heart Foundation Meditate to Educate fundraising effort.
On December 7, 2013, The Integral Heart Foundation will be holding a meditation fundraiser to benefit the children they serve in Guatemala.

You may remember that last year Integral Heart was a partner organization in the EnlightenNext Meditation Marathon fundraiser. In fact, I traveled to Guatemala to meditate with a group of children along side Integral Heart founders Mick Quinn and Debora Prieto.

The Integral Heart Foundation serves disadvantaged youth in Guatemala providing invaluable education services to hundreds of children. I have been a member of the board of directors for the past three years and have seen first hand the heroic work that they do every single day.

Last year’s meditation fundraiser provided critically needed funds that supported the organization through the close of the year. Equally importantly, it also provided an opportunity for a number of the children there to connect to the magnificent spirit generated by a global meditation event. The children I sat with in Guatemala last year were so grateful not only for the support they would receive, but also for the opportunity to be part of an effort that connected them to people from around the world.

Since there will be no global EnlightenNext meditation fundraiser to partner with this year, the board of directors of the Integral Heart Foundation has decided to conduct one of our own. The plans for the event are exciting. It will be twelve hours long on Saturday, December 7. It will feature short meditation instructions from some of today’s best-known meditation teachers. And of the proceeds that we generate together will go to benefit the efforts of The Integral Heart Foundation.

Please help support this effort. We would love to have you join in and meditate with us. If you can’t do that, please sponsor someone who is. And if it is at all possible, please consider gathering a meditation team to meditate with you on December 7.

Thank you for your support.

With appreciation,

Jeff Carreira
Board Member
Integral Heart Foundation


Join us in support of this event;  Meditate-To-Educate; Saturday December 7th, 2013

Jeff Carreira sitting with us and the teenagers from our Critical-Thinking Program during the event last year.
Join us in support of the 2013 event; Meditate-To-Educate


Jose is 5 and from watching some kung fu movies, he wanted to meditate. His mom Marisol taught him
the posture and he sat there for 20 minutes! This little boy is very active, so this is quite remarkable! He
didn't even notice his mom taking the picture!
Join us in support of the 2013 event; Meditate-To-Educate

Jeff Carreira, with Debora Prieto, Mick Quinn and some of the Critical-Thinking / Philosophy 
Education Program teenagers in Guatemala at the meditation event in 2012.
Join us in support of the 2013 event; Meditate-To-Educate

Debora Prieto and Mick Quinn with the Critical-Thinking / Philosophy 
Education Program teenagers in Guatemala. 
Join us in support of the 2013 event; Meditate-To-Educate



Update: Amy Edelstein’s Visit to Guatemala

The Integral Heart Foundation was honored to have such a guest as Amy Edelstein during the month of December. She came all the way to Guatemala to support us in two very important and dear events to us. She gave a full day workshop to our philosophy students (as part of our Wisdom Speakers Series) on Morals, Ethics, Spirit & Changing the World, and she also participated in our annual fundraising Meditate to Educate.

As part of our program in working with our students in rising them up to a more worldcentric perspective Amy had the skills to bring them to social and cultural values that are prone today in most places of our planet by thinking and writing exercises on what culture, society and most importantly conditioning leads us to do and behave.

This awareness on how manipulated or driven by others interests we can be without even noticing it was intense and very productive. Also the fact that she is doing the same workshop to a group of young students in Europe gave them the confidence that they were deal with as potential and not as poor kids that need help. This fact was very empowering for them and one that can make a huge difference in their consciousness.

https://fbcdn-sphotos-d-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-prn2/1451511_735035969859745_604801030_n.jpg  https://fbcdn-sphotos-f-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-prn2/1422522_735038276526181_1001853243_n.jpg

Some days later we did our fundraiser Meditate to Educate where we were sitting in meditation during 12 hours with our students. During the breaks, Amy, was answering the questions, comments and doubts about this practice and the experiences the students just had, and also about the importance of this practice as lifelong one and not simply an isolated event.

https://fbcdn-sphotos-g-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-frc3/1463694_739822039381138_599649552_n.jpg  https://fbcdn-sphotos-g-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-prn2/1470039_739827662713909_1313587138_n.jpg



Thank you! from all of us

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